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Frequently Asked Questions

  When and how will I be paid? 
The minimum payment is $ 5, the payments are sent twice a month on the dates (1 and 16) of each month.

To receive your payment you will have to request your payment days before these  2 dates. Example: If you want us to pay you the day(December 1) you will have to request your payment on (November 30 or before) .   Payments are sent through  PayPal pays the PayPal commission? 
Yes, pays 100% of the commissions. Your payments will arrive net to your PayPal

 ¿ What happens if I do not meet the minimum payment? 
No need to worry, if you do not meet the minimum amount of payment, your earnings are stored in your account until you can reach the minimum amount

► Do they have a referral program? 
Yes, for each referral you earn 21% of what your referrals earn. Just invite your friends to join igram.imYou can also share your referral link in social networks, blogs, websites, etc.

  Can people be asked to click on my links so that I can earn money? 
No. It is important that the user clicks on their links naturally and not by request or obligation. The sole purpose of the user must be to reach the destination link (final)

►  Why don't visits and earnings appear in my statistics panel?

1: Clear the Cache - from your browser

- If you use 2 shorteners logically the bounce rate will be very high 

- We only count 7 visits per IP every 24 hours 

- Visits may take time to update "usually updated instantly" for this it is necessary to refresh the browser

- For the visits to be validated, the captcha must be filled in addition to waiting for the 5 seconds without leaving the page, until the final link 

- If your users close the "2" page before 5 seconds "the visits will not be counted" 

- Visits are not counted if your users have activated adblock "make sure the ads are visible"

- Visits are counted whenever the visitor has reached the final link

 We do not count visits that close the page before completing the Captcha and clicking on the button (continue)

- If you want to see your statistical gains from the previous months use this option -

 How do I get in touch with igram? 
If you are already a user of send us your message from your administration panel

- If you are not a user of please contact us from the following link: